In this era of fake news and alternative facts, knowing the truth about Wax Futures’ latest record can be tricky business.  Whilst the rest of the world decided to implode in 2016, the Telford 3-piece locked themselves away to record “The Museum of Everything”, their new mini-album, with Ryan Pinson (God Damn, Bad Grammar) and Tom Woodhead (ex-¡Forward, Russia!) on producing and mastering duties.


Marking a departure from 2014’s “A History of Things to Come”, Wax Futures are preparing to drop a rip-rocketing ride through the math-rock, grunge-pop, post-hardcore unknown. Featuring:

  • Colossal riffs
  • Soaring choir arrangements
  • 80’s synth lines
  • Space age guitars
  • Adult angst
  • and ridiculous vocal harmonies. Seriously, even they don’t know what they were thinking.


Renowned for their explosive live show, the threesome have previously performed with fellow babes – Bear Makes Ninja, Idles, Alpha Male Tea Party, Merrick’s Tusk, Tall Ships & Limp Bizkit.*


Armed with this new material and itching to get back on the road, the band are now looking to play as many shows for the rest of the year and share their magnum opus with the big, bad world.


“… a riotous and righteous trip through the world of UK post-hardcore.”

Gold Flake Paint


“Mathy post-hardcore, like a happy-go-lucky Blakfish with less apparent worries.”

Musical Mathematics (RIP)


“Raw and anthemic, Wax Futures take deliciously dirty refrains and combine them with pounding percussion and heavily resounding vocals to create a sound you really can’t deny your attraction to.”



“It’s not as good as your last band.”
Graham’s Dad


*one of these is a lie.  Work it out.